The CARARE Schema

It is important to note that this is a harvesting schema intended for delivering metadata to the CARARE service environment of an organisation’s online collections, monument inventory database and digital objects. It does not support activities such as monument management and protection. The strength of the schema lies with its ability to support the full range of descriptive information about monuments, building, landscape areas and their representations.

The schema is an application profile based on MIDAS Heritage and the POLIS DTD for monument inventories. MIDAS Heritage is a detailed standard intended for the full documentation of all aspects of heritage management not all of which are relevant to the CARARE service environment. The CARARE schema’s focus is on the detailed description of monuments, events in which the monument has been involved and resources which represent and provide sources of information about the monument following the structure of the core data index for archaeological sites and the POLIS DTD enhanced by the expressiveness of LIDO.

The CARARE schema includes the LIDO Resource Set which covers the information needed for the digital resources being made accessible to the CARARE and Europeana service environment.

You may find a detailed description of the CARARE schema in the following document: