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About 3DIcons

3D-ICONS is a pilot project funded under the European Commission's ICT Policy Support Programm. It brings together partners from across Europe with the relevant expertise to digitise architectural and archaeological monuments and buildings in 3D.

It is designed to:

  • establish a complete pipeline for the production of 3D replicas of archaeological monuments and historic buildings which covers all technical, legal and organizational aspects;
  • create 3D models and a range of other materials (images, texts and videos) of a series of internationally important monuments and buildings; and
  • contribute content to Europeana using the 3D-ICONS aggregation service.

3D-ICONS is one of a suite of projects, funded by the European Commission, to develop Europeana and its contents. It aims to complement the collections which have been made accessible to Europeana through CARARE, Europeana Local, ATHENA and other projects. It will play an important role by involving organizations with recognized expertise in 3D data acquisition and modeling in establishing a full production pipeline. This will cover all aspects of a 3D digitization project from planning and obtaining permissions, selection of methods and tools, data acquisition, post-processing, publication of content online, and metadata capture to making the content available to Europeana.

The Monument Repository is the main component of the 3D-ICONS aggregator service developed for the 3D-ICONS project. It consists of a repository that aggregates content from all the content providers involved and provides added value services before delivering this content to Europeana.


Ingest your content into the aggregator.

Map your native schema to the CARARE schema first.


Use the semantic services to enrich your content.

Locate identity relations, group similar objects, relate content across different providers.


Map your content to EDM

Deliver the EDM records to Europeana